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Bridge is a very fascinating hobby and is played enthusiastically all over the world.
People who are not only interested in pleasant company and joie de vivre, but also in cognitive challenges and lifelong learning as a dementia prophylaxis, can now learn and play bridge in principle at any time, just as they please.


You can learn the basics of Bridge in my Bridge Basics Video:


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I would be very happy to accompany you personally to meet you at the bridge!

It is probably difficult for you to imagine how fulfilling and fascinating it is to play bridge successfully. In order to better understand this, I would like to ask you to remember pleasant feelings in one of the situations you are probably familiar with:


What is/was your personally best experience from these examples?

In 2018, I was lucky enough to achieve a so-called “hole in one” over 157 meters in golf – in other words, to hit the golf ball directly into the hole on the “green”.

The positive feelings in these pictures are all comparable to the emotions that Bridge can create! The big advantage is that with bridge, these beautiful emotions almost always and automatically arise when you play bridge yourself.

Now it is possible to learn and play modern bridge online at any place in the world and at any time with a computer, tablet or smartphone. Unwanted boredom becomes a foreign word!

You will learn the basics in my free bridge documents. Afterwards you can also meet other interested people in a protected online forum, make valuable contacts and ideally find people with the same wavelength for (currently online) bridge rounds.

Due to my full-time commitment as an environmental engineer, it is currently only possible to provide access and personal support to a maximum of 10 participants per month.

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You will probably soon realize why other intelligent people, such as Bill Gates, are so fascinated by this game and the playful brain jogging in sophisticated company.  Train your brain!

When you learn bridge, you discover a fascinating new world of thought and words like “boredom” or “loneliness” soon become foreign words.

Because many other sophisticated people also play bridge and look forward to enjoying this hobby – the world’s most popular card game – together with you.

Discover the fascination of Bridge! – and secure your access to the free* information offer and my e-book “Bridge in less than 10 minutes”.


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Should you later, in addition to a social new hobby, be interested in the thought-sporting competition in tournament form, you will find worldwide organized bridge tournaments and league playing facilities of the bridge associations.

Once again I succeeded in 2019 at the so-called Challengerturnier
at club level and at the intermediate round in Hamburg my partner and I even managed to qualify for the national final.

Your investment in this source of sustainable well-being:

The offer to get to know Bridge is free of charge for you and at the same time certainly not for nothing! – You will probably be surprised in a positive sense! Let Bridge inspire you too.

Maybe you are still interested in how enriching other people found the participation in my courses? A small selection of feedback from over 10 years of my work as a bridge lecturer at adult education centres:

“I look forward to next time. I loved it!
But there’s a world we didn’t even know existed!”

“Thanks again for all your help, the good care, the pleasant unforgettable bridge meetings.”

“Yesterday, as always, we enjoyed playing bridge under your supervision.”

“I would be grateful if you could provide us with some very helpful information. Thank you very much.

“I’m looking forward to some exciting games again.

“At this point I would like to thank Mr. Wiedemann once again for the instructive and very personal course that ended today. We all enjoyed it very much.”

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